About HarmoNIES

The HarmoNIES will be published to disseminate NIES’ research information to the public. The 4-paged introduction focuses on the research contents and its activities, introducing how interesting they are and its familiarity in our life, as well as what the research aims for. The contents will be easy enough for readers with interests in science, as well as for researchers from different fields of study. The pamphlets will be published only on NIES’ website.

New Release - HarmoNIES No.4 March 2021

Reproducing the Environment to Uncover the Movement of Chemicals

If you were to scoop up the water, how would you know where the trace elements in that water came from and where they are going? It could have come from a distant factory, or it could have been mixed in with the rain that had just fallen. Anyway, it is impossible to "measure everything" that happens in reality.

Keywords: Chemical substance, Environmental chemistry, Environmental modeling, Exposure assessment, G-CIEMS, Multimedia fate model