Jobs at NIES

Permanent Staff, Limited-term Staff

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Limited Term Researcher

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Employee Benefits and Assistance Service at NIES

NIES welcomes researchers from around the world and strives hard together to contribute to environmental research for a better and sustainable place to live.

Working conditions at NIES

A wide range of starting hours are available for all staff to choose depending on their lifestyle as Standard Working Hours (7 hours 45 minutes). Exempt Working Hours is also available for some research related staff depending on their employment terms and conditions. Annual paid leave and sick leave are available from the first month of employment and special leaves including those for child raising, child caring and family caring are also available within the number of days as stipulated in the relevant regulations. (Details are in the job vacancy announcements.)

Logistical assistance for foreign national researchers

The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) offers logistical assistance for foreign national researchers and their family staying in Tsukuba exceeding 31 days. The logistical assistance provided is not only for various procedures involved upon starting a new living but also for keeping a comfortable daily life such as assistance with housing, residence, medical appointments, child raising including communication with daycares and schools, and provision of information relating to daily living.