Report on the 2014 NIES Summer Open House

 The annual NIES Summer Open House was held on July 19 (Saturday), 2014. Despite intermittent rain on the day, 4,144 people visited NIES during the Open House. We would like to express our gratitude to all of those who took advantage of the chance to visit our institute.

 At the event a variety of interesting exhibitions, talks and activities, including opening of facilities normally closed to the public; panel discussions; an interactive activity to learn about the amounts of various metals contained in small electrical appliances; and quizzes relating to the environment, were held around the theme of “Ready? Let’s go: Eco adventure time”.

 The prize-giving ceremony for the 3rd NIES Picture Contest was also held on the day. The scenes depicted in the below photographs represent only a small sample the day's opportunities for fun and learning.

 We hope to continue to successfully convey our research outcomes in an easily-understandable manner in order to deepen everyone’s interest in environmental issues.

Welcome to the NIES Summer Open House!
The Little Shop of Gadgets
The differences in the CO2 levels in human breath and exhaust fumes
THAT’S what I want to know! Research panels
Prize-giving ceremony for the 3rd NIES Picture Contest