Global Methane Budget 2020 – Press & Public conference and Scientific Forum (Aug 6th 2020)

Global Methane Budget 2020 – Press & Public conference and Scientific Forum (Aug 6th 2020)

On July 15th 2020, The Global Carbon Project (GCP) publishes a second revision update of the global methane sources and sinks to the atmosphere that provides insights into the geographical regions, and economic sectors where the emission changed the most over recent decades.

This new global methane budget shows that the emission rate has increased by 9 % (about 50 Million tons per year) between the period of 2000-2006 and the year 2017. Anthropogenic emissions appear to be the main contributors to this increase, driven equally by the fossil fuel sector (production and consumption) and activities in agriculture and waste sector.

Ten scientists from Japan are involved in this international research collaboration. They will present the research findings and share their expertise in a one-day event on 6th August 2020. The event consists of the press and public conference in the morning and a scientific forum in the afternoon. In the press and public conference (only in Japanese), the research findings will be presented in an accessible manner, suitable for anyone who is interested in the topic. The afternoon session will be presented in English and is suitable for those who would like to learn in detailed the methodology and scientific findings of the Budget. Both events are free of charge but required pre-registration (see poster).

Registration: https://bit.ly/2ZllkFZ

Methane budget access here:

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National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
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