A research for the sustainable consumption patterns and lifestyles (SusLife)

A variety of models have been proposed for a shift to sustainable lifestyles, but so far there has been little in the way of results that are significant in the real world.
Previous studies of future scenarios for building a sustainable society have focused on calculating environmental burden values and portraying lifestyles by methods such as defining a model household and making suppositions about the directions of important changes.
However, as economic and social systems stop working as they have in the past and uncertainty is raised by the effects of globalization and the information society, it is important to take account of, as well as people's desires and environmental questions, the multiplicity of major internal and external influences on lifestyles and the variety of possible household models.

The aims of the Research for Sustainable Consumption Patterns and Lifestyles project (running from April 2011 to March 2016) are to study scenarios for people's lifestyles in Japan in 2030 and to propose a range of policies for shifting to sustainable lifestyles and consumption. 


  • English page OPEN! (2015/6/12)


Brochure for the public,

Brochure for the public, "Scenarios for Our Future" (PDF)
-A project to create scenarios for sustainable lifestyles in 2030

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