Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

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Outline of Research

Contributing solutions for sustainable usage of resources and the reduction of the environmental burden which accompanies that use

Our researches aim to contribute to:
1) Cyclical and efficient use of resources
2) Lessen the environmental burden occurred from waste

On scales ranging from local to international, researchers examine the state and elucidate the mechanisms of resource use and associated environmental burdens arising from socioeconomic activities. They also conduct research on assessment methods and strategic proposals for transitioning to sustainable a sound material-cycle society. Researchers also develop and evaluate technologies for the appropriate treatment, disposal, and recycling of wastes and recyclable resources as well as the fundamental technologies needed for resource recycling and material management.


○ Material cycles research program

  • PJ1: Designing a sustainability strategy for global resource networks from the consumption-based perspective
  • PJ2: Assessment of resource efficiency and environmental impact in the cycles of recyclable materials and accompanied substances
  • PJ3: Proposal of transition paths and adaptation measures for a circular society
  • PJ4: Establishment of a robust, sustainable and integrated waste management system for Asia
  • PJ5: Development of next generation technologies for “3R”

○ Fundamental research

  • Development of various analysis and evaluation measures and survey on a sound material-cycle society system
  • Situational elucidation, sustainability assessment and institutional design on international flows and stocks on resources
  • Establishment of quality evaluation and management technology system for cyclical use and appropriate disposal of waste and by-products
  • Development and evaluation of treatment, disposal and recycling technology for an appropriate management of cyclical resources and waste in Asian developing countries
  • Establishment of logic modelling and development of various fundamental technologies needed for material cycles and materials management