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Director of Social Systems Division
MASUI Toshihiko

Outline of Research

Contributing to the transition to a sustainable society in harmony with the environment and economic activity

Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research aims at studying interactions between social and environmental systems to contribute in making a transition of our current society into a sustainable one in which environment and economy are compatible. It also aims at conducting researches that deal with nexus between various environmental issues in order to develop solutions for policy makers.

Image of society in harmony with the environment

  • Analysis on causes and impacts of various environmental problems, by considering structural relationships among multiple sectors such as household, government, enterprises and others, within multiple scales including the world, country and city.
  • Investigation of solutions for multifarious environmental problems, including climate change, through development of methods and models to assess impacts of various environmental policies at country, local and city levels.
  • System design, evaluation and support for environmental policy implementation through the development of an integrated assessment model for environmental technologies in order to bring about the transition into a sustainable environmental society based on innovative technological and social systems.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of environmental law and policies and analysis of roles and activities of sub-national stakeholders.